We design you the movie smile you've always dreamed of

Live a luxurious experience, with everything included and get a Hollywood smile saving thousands of dollars, with our new smile design with the proven and advanced ND technique with 20 porcelain veneers - E-max 100% porcelain

$ usd

$5.200 usd

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Trajectory of Dr. Natalia daza.

An all-inclusive luxury experience

Limited Time Offer - Get It a movie smile design with 20 porcelain veneers and life a luxury experience this month For Only $5.200 usd $! all included : Treatment - Hotel with breakfast - Total transportation. pick up and dropp off airport and appoinments.

Natural movie smiles with our advanced and proven ND technique.

A natural smile with porcelain veneers that lasts a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in Cali Colombia, calle 36 norte #6a65  in the World Trade Center, pacific mall building  office 1092, 10th floor.

+57 3133503486

You can make your reservation only with 500 usd, before traveling included in the value of the treatment, to reserve your reception logistics and your place in the doctor’s agenda. You pay the balance in person in cash before starting procedures in our dental clinic.

The answer is YES, if you want to come with someone to accompany you during your trip in your treatment, that companion can stay in your luxury room. and accompany you in your process without extra charges, only the other person’s breakfast is not included. During your stay, breakfast is included only for the patient.

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© 2023 ROOPI. All rights reserved